Britain’s shameful failure on child refugees

Britain’s shameful failure on child refugees


The administration’s cruelty to solitary kid evacuees appeared by shutting down the Dubs conspire and pulling back from the Dublin tradition speaks to a dim day for human rights (PM blamed for shutting the entryway on kid displaced people, 9 February). It is additionally a dim day for parliamentary majority rules system, as these activities must be seen in a more extensive setting of the simplicity with which the administration got parliamentary sponsorship from Conservative and Labor MPs for activating article 50, even notwithstanding the nearby submission result and the high court judgment backing parliamentary investigation. The message is clear: back “leave”, bolster the “voice of the general population” – “We should gain back power of our fringes” – and reinforce Theresa May’s arranging hand in Europe. Outside of the UK “Brexit” has effectively offered aid to European patriot parties, and inside the UK to the organizing of fringe control, both fortifying more xenophobic characters. What’s more, as your article (10 February) brings up, Donald Trump has legitimized this by grasping a similar pivot of bigotry. However, what has been unequivocal is the ethical capitulation of Conservative and Labor MPs who supported stay amid the submission. It is they who have made the political atmosphere that has made it feasible for the administration to surrender probably the most helpless kids on the planet.

Mike Stein

Emeritus educator, University of York

Kindertransport survivors on today’s youngster evacuees

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• It is dishonorable that Theresa May has chosen to renege on the administration’s guarantee to convey the most helpless displaced person youngsters to wellbeing. That the declaration was sneaked out by the Tories just before break is a disrespect. The UK has taken only 350 solitary tyke evacuees, which is no place close to the 3,000 initially proposed by Lord Dubs. Any claim by the PM to be a merciful Conservative is totally undermined by the abandonment of obligation to probably the most powerless individuals on the planet. The administration ought to have been doing significantly more to bolster nearby experts in giving the support and wellbeing youngster outcasts require so urgently. Just this week, a report by the counter-fanaticism association Quilliam uncovered how a huge number of kid displaced people, relinquished by nations like the UK, are by and large left helpless against sexual and money related misuse by human traffickers and radicalisation by gatherings, for example, Islamic State that look to benefit from Europe’s faltering reaction to the outcast emergency.


Residents UK is a philanthropy that witnesses direct the sickening every day chances these youngsters confronted in Calais and exactly how edgy for security they were. This is a national embarrassment and the legislature ought to hang its head in disgrace. England has a pleased custom of respecting those most in need. We ventured up to safeguard 10,000 Jewish youngsters from Nazi abuse. One of those kids was Lord Dubs, who touched base in the UK as a kid exile on the Kindertransport. This is the reason I am joining Citizens UK and requiring the executive to remain by the nation’s qualities, turn around her choice and keep Lord Dubs’ plan alive.

Keith Taylor

Green gathering MEP for south-east England

• The minister of Croydon, the Rt Rev Jonathan Clark, is totally appropriate to state “there are a lot of neighborhood specialists now saying they could accommodate more youngsters”. The cruel truth is that the bureaucratic brutalism of the Home Office won’t permit people and families, in collaboration with neighborhood specialists, to offer homes and fates to a further 3,000 unaccompanied kids. What’s more, yes, we ought to massively respect the save exercises of Sir Nicholas Hinton and others, additionally review that the Home Office of the time made it clear that the gathering of outcasts, of whatever age, ought not draw on “people in general tote”, rather that religious gatherings and foundations would give. 10,000 kids given shelter from the Nazis sounds outstanding, however the UK legislatures of the 1930s and of the war years were a long way from excited about offering asylum to anybody; and after the war a large portion of the individuals who found shelter were then named uprooted people who ought to be come back to their nations of starting point, including Germany.6

The migration serve, Robert Goodwill, may be said to obey orders, the quintessence of bureaucratic brutalism.

Bruce Ross-Smith


• I might want to cite the expressions of Aneurin Bevan, who in 1948 said nothing could annihilate from his heart a profound blazing contempt of the Tory party: “So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.” I have a craving for reverberating those words due to their totally offensive hammering of our ways to the a large number of youngster outcasts they guaranteed to take in. How could they toss the duty on to nearby boards rather than attempting to discover what number of families would take a tyke, as was done at the season of the Kindertransport. I for one know no less than five families who might take a kid. Old as I am, I would take one myself as opposed to give them a chance to decay in camps around Europe, a prey to each risk. Disgrace on us, and disgrace on our administration.

Lynne Reid Banks

Shepperton, Surrey