‘He had me in the water’: Florida man uses putter to fight off alligator


    A Florida golfer made the shot of his existence with a putter when he utilized it to get away from a crocodile that had gotten him by the lower leg. Tony Aarts utilized his putter to punch the gator in the eyes before the reptile let him go.

    WINK-TV detailed that Aarts was playing at the Magnolia Landing Golf and Country Club in the Fort Myers territory last Wednesday. Moving toward the fourth gap, he heard a sprinkle.3

    Mammoth croc alarms golfers as it wanders crosswise over course in Florida

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    “As I was strolling around 5ft to 6ft far from the water I heard a sprinkle, and when I heard that sprinkle I knew it was a croc, and he got me,” Aarts told the news channel.

    He said the gator got his correct lower leg and he wound up on his back before man and creature moved into a water danger. The gator let pursue the punches to the eye.

    “I had a club in my grasp, and when he had me in the water up to my abdomen, I began hitting him once again the head,” Aarts said.

    “He was taking a gander at me with his huge eyes, and I continued hitting him. What’s more, I’m supposing I’m getting further and more profound, and I believed you’re not going to get me.”

    State natural life specialists caught the gator and put it down. Aarts was dealt with and discharged from a doctor’s facility.

    “It really is great that I had that putter,” he said. “It’s a decent, strong, substantial putter.”