Trump golf game gets special press box: a basement with blacked-out windows


    Donald Trump loves to play golf. Be that as it may, he doesn’t generally like other individuals to see him play golf – which would clarify the dark plastic packs covering the windows at the Trump National Jupiter golf club: to keep out correspondents’ nosy eyes.

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    On Saturday, the president facilitated the Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe, at his Palm Beach golf club for some conciliatory connections, after the match met for talks in the White House on Friday. Journalists who had followed along for the excursion were astonished to find that they were to remain stayed in a clubhouse storm cellar – with no real way to impression what was occurring on the course outside.

    Jennifer Jacobs, a White House columnist for Bloomberg, tweeted: “Trump’s press corps has been put in a storm cellar suite at Jupiter golf club. Dark plastic over windows to give Trump security as he plays golf.”

    Jill Colvin of the AP additionally tweeted a photo of the improvised covers.


    A White House pool report stated: “Photographic artists were told not to take pictures on the grounds of a ‘private club’.” Japanese columnists were additionally not able to see Trump and Abe in real life.

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    After around four hours at the club, Trump, who once significantly portrayed himself as “the best putter”, tweeted a photo of himself and the Japanese pioneer on the fairway. “Having an incredible time facilitating Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the United States,” Trump composed. No coat for the president on Saturday: Trump was embellished in a white T-shirt and white baseball top. Abe wore cream pants and a naval force shirt, and the combine had all the earmarks of being high-fiving.

    Abe said had been anticipating his golf amusement for quite a while – and he settled on some time-regarded honeyed words of his US partner by recommending his summon of the clubs wasn’t a fix on Trump’s.

    “I am looking forward for our end of the week in Florida with Donald,” Abe said. “My scores in golf is not up to the level of Donald by any means.”

    The Japanese PM did, in any case, give himself a role as a man who shunned the moderate approach. “My strategy is never up, never in – continually going for the container.”

    With respect to the consequence of the pioneers’ diversion, journalists stayed oblivious.