Brexit, inequality and Ken Clarke’s legacy


    Ken Clarke is more right than wrong to propose that monetary disparity added to the Brexit vote (Report, 6 February). In fact, by persuading millions that the bogeyman of Europe was in charge of the loss of employments, disintegration of our overstretched open administrations and a lodging emergency, the hard right accomplished a standout amongst the best of political upsets. It was their philosophy that prompted to the loss of 1 million generously compensated open segment occupations, and now their Brexit undermines to expand neediness and imbalance by lessening provincial guide.

    Clarke isn’t right that no legislators have thoughts on the best way to address imbalance however. I can just accept he has never perused a Green gathering statement. Greens have a scope of arrangements to redistribute riches, including a riches impose on those with resources of more than £3m; a most extreme pay proportion of 10:1 between the most generously compensated and least paid in each association, and raising company charge on expansive firms to no less than 28%. Greens were likewise the principal gathering to bolster an approach that has now turned out to be emphatically in vogue: an essential salary for all – ensured and non-implies tried. This is right now being trialed in Finland and is fundamental to France’s Socialist presidential crusade.

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    It is advantageous for well off elites to recommend there is no hope about the extraordinary imbalances they themselves have made – yet there is, regardless of whether we are inside or outside the EU.

    Molly Scott Cato MEP11

    Green, South West

    • Polly Toynbee says Ken Clarke is “an uncommon government official who talks humanly” (Ken Clarke was brilliant, challenging the Brexit devotees,, 1 February). A Guardian report in 2005 about the revelation of a mystery British American Tobacco production line in North Korea said “BAT affirmed that [Ken] Clarke, who has been on the organization’s finance since 1998, knew about the choice to put resources into North Korea” – a brutal administration that doesn’t permit its subjects to clear out.

    Edward Fordyce


    • Ken Clarke’s legacy won’t be his keep going stand on Europe. It will be the last privatization of the NHS which he set in prepare with his blend of the interior market. It supplanted the generation line demonstrate, which worked at the support to-grave level, in terms of professional career between a parade of corner shops, inciting the proprietorial parochialism of a Grantham food merchant.

    Nik Wood