Diminishing Progress Editing Log

Entry for 12.13.22:

Opening stats:

Word count: 169,057

Total number of pages: 575

Progress percentage: 47.3%

Things I Googled to research:

Printable blank calendar–I use these to track what’s going on in the story, specifically I needed to know how many days it had been since Lily had spoken to…………

What to call an older woman in the Shona language. The story is in a Zimbabwean tale right now. I want it to be accurate.

Are there mangos in Zimbabwe?

Typical Zimbabwean breakfast foods

Do bananas grow in Zimbabwe?

Ending stats:

Word count: 168,899–down 158 words

Total number of pages: 574–down a page

Progress percentage: 49.6%–so close to halfway done!

With December craziness, I’m not sure I’ll get anymore editing time this week, but being so close to 50% done is enticing…..

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