Book 5 Has Officially Started!

Before I get to the big news , here are some other Lily related updates:

Calculating Christmas recording project:

I had planned to be in a better position with my recording and have several chapters already recorded so that if life interrupted my plans, I’d still have another chapter or two in the pipeline ready for posting.

Alas, life interfered enough that I’m back to recording the next chapter just the week before it’s due to be posted. Hopefully, recording will go better this week, and I’ll manage to get 8 and 9 recorded.

Diminishing Progress editing update:

I set my goals for the next phase of editing. It’ll be tight, but if I can manage 10% a week, I’ll have the book ready for the beta readers in early June.

Beta reader season is my favorite, and I can’t wait to share this book with them!

Book Five writing update:

I started writing last night. My goal was only 500 words, so nothing too big. But the characters have been encouraging me to continue their journey. And I have missed writing them.

I’m not planning to be super ambitious during this period while I’m still editing Diminishing Progress, but I do want to write a little and keep the story going.

It felt really great to be writing again–even to feel that self-doubt I usually feel after I write something and I hate it. 😂😂

Comment and tell me what you’re hoping will happen in Book 5.

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