11% Done!

Calculating Christmas podio book update:

I got two chapters recorded last week!

Here are the things I’ve noticed about myself as I’ve recorded:

It’s much easier for me to read and record dialogue. Thankfully, it’s one of the things I write the best, so there’s a lot of it in the book!

Carole is SOOOO much fun to record.

I’m glad the chapters of CC are shorter. It makes it easier on me to get them recorded. Of course, it does mean you, dear listeners, get less of the story each week…..ah, well.

Diminishing Progress editing update:

I slightly exceeded my goal of 10% last week and got 11% done! I’ve named the first seven chapters and only hate one of the titles so far. If you can–without any context–think of a better title than The First Day of Travel, I’m open to suggestions.

I’m looking forward to editing more this week.

Book five writing update:

I’ve added 500 more words and hope to add 500 more later this week.

It’s slightly bizarre picking the story up two years after Diminishing Progress ends. Lily’s sibling is now two. Many of the characters are in different places in life. It’s interesting and a little weird.

2 responses to “11% Done!”

  1. Debra Depuy Simonini Avatar
    Debra Depuy Simonini

    The Journey Begins!
    We’re Off!
    Day 1 of 22 (or whatever the number is)
    Zero context means all are probably wrong!!! Haha

    Yay! For book 5 being started soooo much happens in two years. Fortunately you can have endless footnotes and newspaper clippings maybe there will be a look back at this time last year to catch us up. 🙂


    1. I love your suggestions and your enthusiasm.


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