31% Done!

The edit of Diminishing Progress is still going well, but I’m finding myself increasingly pressed to get the 10% done each week. I put in the final 14 pages of this week’s edit on Saturday.

I have a big project starting this week for one of my paying jobs. It will last for several weeks. I’m really hoping it won’t deter me from meeting my editing goals. I think I’ll probably wind up needing to edit in what I would usually call my free time, but thankfully, edits are one of my favorite parts.

I’m beginning to filter through people in my head to think about who I want to ask to Beta read. I can’t wait to share this story with people.

This week my writing goal is 2000 words–in 500 word increments. I can get 500 words written in about 30-40 minutes if the story is flowing.

Writing on Book 5 is going well. I’m in the middle of a long scene with Lily and Miss Reed. So far, Lily has managed to stay out of trouble. Let’s hope it stays that way.

This week’s chapter of Calculating Christmas on the podcast is going to be late. I’m so sorry! Chapter 10 has been recorded but it still needs to be edited and processed and won’t be available until later. Hopefully, it will be not be too late.

Thanks for all your comments, encouragement, and support.

Happy reading!

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